Acupuncture is an important part of Chinese Medicine and has been practised and perfected for thousands of years. It works on the basis that there are several channels in the body, through which Qi (our life energy) runs. When the flow of Qi is impaired, discomfort and symptoms of disease may occur.

Whereas traditional acupuncture focuses on treating the body or the emotions, Transformative Acupuncture is focussed on supporting and promoting our own spiritual practice and development. It works on a more subtle level to awaken our own inner potentials and to assist us in accessing other states of consciousness. In many ways it begins at the point that traditional acupuncture ends. Rather than treating physical health it focuses on supporting changes in consciousness. It is ideal for those working with tai chi, chi gong, meditation, yoga, western magical paths or other spiritual disciplines. It is also for those who have simply heard about it and feel drawn to having a treatment.

While this form of acupuncture doesn’t focus on treating physical health conditions directly, the deep resetting of our spiritual, emotional and physical constitution that this enables often causes profound shifts in our physical state of health, reflecting changes made on other levels.

Transformative Acupuncture uses patterns of points for each of the chakras to awaken the energy of each of these energy centres. These are interspersed with sessions using a deeper set of meridians that form during our embryological development to help reconnect us to our true nature and help to reset and balance our physical and emotional selves. In this way the more subtle energies of the chakra patterns become grounded and balanced in our physical bodies.

The patterns of Transformative Acupuncture assist and support our own inner work, whatever form this may take.

Available Therapists:

Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift

Transformative Acupuncture

Hello, my name is Lynden Swift and I offer Transformative Acupuncture.



I graduated in Acupuncture in 2002 having trained in two very different styles. I learned Five Element and TCM (so-called Traditional Chinese Medicine) at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading and then further deepened my understanding of TCM practice at the South West College of Oriental Medicine in Bristol. After graduating I became a member of the British Register of Complimentary Practitioners.



I always believed that acupuncture could do more than simply cure illnesses. Although acupuncture is an energetic based therapy it is predominantly used to treat physical (and sometimes emotional) ailments. Rarely if ever is it focussed specifically on treating spiritual blocks or to assist us in our spiritual growth. It was this gap that I perceived early on in my training and wished to remedy.

Transformative Acupuncture does this perfectly by using patterns of points focussed on actively assisting our own spiritual evolution. Initial treatments work on the Chakra energy centres and the 8 Extra Meridians which form during our embryological development and work on a very deep level.



Allow 2 hours for your first session as this explores your current health and life situation. Subsequent sessions are between 1 – 2 hours depending on your preference. Prices are £60 per hour but the first four treatments are half price to allow you to explore this modality and check that it is right for you.



Free 30 minute consultations are available in person or online to answer any questions you might have. To get in touch or for more information please see: