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(News and Offers) Photo by Ahmed Saffu on Unsplash

(Treatments) Photo by Ruben Ortega on Unsplash

(Team) Photo by Ryan Somma on Flickr

(Header) Photo by Michele Guan on Unsplash

(Misc) Photo by Ahmed Saffu on Unsplash


Images for Therapy Pages

Acupuncture by Thunderchild7 on Flickr
Aromatherapy by Marco Verch on Flickr
Birth / doula by ben klocek on Flickr
Chinese medicine by Jimmie on Flickr
Counselling by Joe Houghton on Flickr
Craniosacral by Kevin Johnston on Flickr
Facial by Zenspa1 on Flickr
Hopi by Nicolas Nova on Flickr
Hypnotherapy by Nithi Anand on Flickr
Indian head massage by The Amazings on Flickr
Life coaching by Cat Wendt on Flickr
Massage by Kevin Johnston on Flickr
Pregnancy massage by futurestreet on Flickr
Psychotherapy by Leonard J Matthews on Flickr
Reflexology by Kevin Johnston on Flickr
Reiki by Kevin Johnston on Flickr
Somatic movement by Hey Paul Studios on Flickr
Thai foot massage by Wellcome Images on Flickr