Massage can be an essential part of restoring and maintaining your health and mobility. Massage relaxes tense, painful muscles and stimulates the circulation of blood, dispersing toxins and bringing your body back into balance. It can be used to treat both stress-related tension and problems resulting from injuries.

A massage can also be an opportunity to take time out from everyday life, relax and focus on your own well-being. It helps you to feel clearer in your mind, more aware of your body and positive about yourself, bringing better sleep and higher energy levels.

Each massage will address your particular needs and we ensure you get the maximum benefits whether you come to us for relaxation or with a specific physical condition. Treatments last from half an hour to an hour and a half.

Therapeutic Massage
Soothing massage, promoting deep relaxation to release tension and restore harmony.

Remedial, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage
Treating stubborn aches and pains, soft tissue injuries and back problems, we focus on your specific problem area using deep tissue massage techniques, mobilization and stretches.

As well as using massage in response to specific physical problems, or as a treat, going for a massage regularly will benefit your overall health by:

  • releasing muscular tension and improving posture
  • relieving joint pain, inflammation and stiffness
  • improving circulation and relieving congestion
  • boosting the immune system
  • relieving pain by stimulating the brain to release natural painkillers
  • releasing deep-seated emotions that can often manifest as physical disease
  • increasing the elimination of waste products that may accumulate in the tissues,
  • hence improving the appearance of the skin
  • procuring a feeling of being deeply nurtured and cared for which we all get too little of in our adult lives.

Available Therapists

Sarah Hoare

Sarah Hoare

Hypnotherapy | Massage | Reiki

Hypnotherapy with Sarah Hoare

Sarah has a particular interest in helping people get the best out of themselves when it comes to relationships, work and daily life

She says, “When life throws challenges and difficulties our way, it’s easy to get into a pickle and react with anger, stress, anxiety or depression. When
we learn how to respond calmly, with clarity and confidence, we can turn our lives around and get back in control. Hypnotherapy is the best tool I’ve found to equip us for success in our daily lives.”

Massage with Sarah Hoare

Sarah offers slow, spacious massage treatments as a powerful antidote to our fast, busy world.

She says, “Massage is such a powerful way to help cultivate ease and comfort in body and mind. Treatments can be like pressing a reset button,
leaving us ready to take life in our stride once again.”

Reiki with Sarah Hoare

Sarah has a special interest in Reiki to help soothe a busy mind, a challenged body or a troubled soul.

She says, “Reiki is the ultimate in relaxation – no need to undress, no need to even listen to the sound of my voice, simply lay down comfortably, rest and let the healing energy do its work.”

For more information or to book an appointment, please give Sarah a call on 07976 710368, or visit her website You can also visit Sarah’s Facebook page for additional information and latest news.

Treatments Offered


Contact Information

Telephone: 07976 710368


Jessica Danford

Jessica Danford


About Me:

Welcome to Flourish from Within.

A safe space to deeply relax, receive and restore health naturally. My name is Jess Danford and I offer Shiatsu treatments for women.

Shiatsu is a safe place to deeply relax and experience the healing power of touch combined with wisdom for health and wellbeing that works in harmony with your entire being.

These days, many of us have so much to deal with in our lives, and life often does not feel simple. We feel pressures from all sides and we become tense in our minds and in our bodies.

Shiatsu touch listens and responds to you, honoring, nurturing and revitalizing your entire system, supporting you to live in balance with yourself and the world.

Shiatsu is both an ancient and a modern form of healing that is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, treating the body and mind as one, and through the energy pathways and points in the body known as meridians and acupressure points.

Shiatsu has developed over thousands of years, evolving with us as a powerful form of human touch that listens deeply to your life energy, often referred to as “Ki.”

Shiatsu supports you to deeply connect with yourself and your innate power for self-healing, strengthening your Ki and supporting your life energy to flow freely.

Shiatsu is a very flexible therapy. During a treatment, physical pressure through my fingers, hands, elbows, and sometimes even my feet can be used. Shiatsu also includes stretching and holding the body. Shiatsu is physical touch and energy medicine, connecting deeply to nourish and support your energy to flow.

It is best to wear loose-fitting clothing for Shiatsu. Unlike massage, when you receive Shiatsu, you are fully clothed, and you want to be comfortable.

I completed my three year professional Shiatsu diploma with wonderful teachers, including Keith Phillips, Paul McNicholls, Mercedes Nunez and Suzanne Yates. I then studied a further Masters year with Keith Phillips and I continue to develop my Shiatsu with teachers from around the world. I love to support women to relax and to flourish. It is an honor to provide a healing space with the ancient and modern art and science of Shiatsu that I enjoy so much to give.

If you would like to book a treatment or you have any questions, you are very welcome to get in touch via my contact details below:

Contact Details:
For more information and to book an appointment visit my website.

Or you can contact me via email or phone:


Phone: 07596040970

Treatment times: Monday evenings

Treatment length: 1.5 hours

Treatment Price: £40-60 (depending on what you can afford)