Shelley Treacher

I am a compassionate and wholehearted counselling psychotherapist with accredited experience and in depth training. I provide a safe confidential space, where you can explore the way you feel about how your life is right now.

This process helps you to understand and reduce your anxiety and feelings of sadness, grief and depression. It improves your personal relationships, and will help you to feel better about yourself and your life. The patterns in which you may feel stuck may be explored and overcome here.
I work only with individual adults (16+)

The areas that I work with on a daily basis are: anxiety, feeling sad, depression, grief, family issues, relationship (or lack of) issues, abandonment, codependency, divorce/separation and self confidence. I also work regularly on the subject of binge eating.

My work at the Healing Centre is on Wednesday afternoons. I also work from my private therapy room on the edge of Knowle/ Totterdown.

Treatments Offered



Contact Information

Telephone: 07702188676
Email: [email protected]