Laura Cooper

Individuals & Couples.
Sexual Diversities & LGBTQ-affirmative therapist, Integrative Psychosynthesis.
PG Dip. Psychosynthesis Counsellor, MBACP

1 -to- 1 (60 mins) £35
Couples (60 mins) £50

Laura is an experienced counsellor and gender therapist working with individuals and couples of all orientations, offering short term and longer open-ended counselling. She has worked with issues of bereavement, work-related stress, anger, conflict, depression, anxiety, abuse, self-esteem injury, midlife crisis, menopause, psychospiritual and relationship problems – in a professional, discreet and confidential environment. As a Pink therapist, she works with gender and sexuality issues and identities (LGBTQ) with an affirmative approach, and also partners and families of gay and gender variant people, where appropriate.

Her approach is Integrative and Person-centred, with a Transpersonal perspective. Her style is compassionate and grounded. She builds on clients’ strengths, as well as getting to the core of their problems. Her clients feel that their therapy effectively addresses their concerns and issues, whilst gaining greater self-awareness, clearer understanding of themselves and their situation, and the ability to make real positive change.

Client comments
‘I found Laura to be knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judgemental. Her professional and warm manner put me at ease and I quickly felt confident enough to share things about myself that I had never discussed with anyone before. Over the weeks, she enabled me to open my mind and heart to the many possibilities I have discovered do exist outside my doubts and fears. In the process, I have regained confidence and found my True Self!’

LGBTQ-affirmative Therapy:
The truth is, we each exist somewhere within a ‘sexual and gender spectrum’ and there are few places and people with whom we could dare to find a language to even begin to express our deepest fears and longings: for some, this place is constant, while others experience movement and change. Our identity may feel threatened and we may be living openly or in secret.
Laura is skillful in facilitating open explorative non-judgemental dialogue and supporting each person’s unique experience with an affirmative approach, in facing issues of sexual and gender questioning and orientation, including stigmatization, shame, confusion and the challenge of how to live and Be Who You Feel You Really Are; and in transforming harmful feelings and emotions into potential growth, towards embracing self-acceptance and positive change within the Journey of Becoming more whole, alive and real, while experiencing a more authentic self.

Issues: sexual & gender orientation: (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning) including stigmatization, depression, stress, anxiety, anger, isolation, low self-esteem and building confidence, relationships, ‘coming-out’, bullying, work-related, midlife crisis, personal/spiritual/cultural conflict, gender re-assignment (pre- and post-op), exploring identity(ies) and lifestyle towards self-acceptance and wholeness.

About Me
My background lies in healing, education, creativity and the arts where I have practiced, taught and run workshops in the UK and abroad for 25 years. I also work with training counsellors and offer CPD workshops to therapists. My passion lies in facilitating others to reach their potential in meaningful and fulfilling ways, and to discover an integrated and authentic self. I have experience of diverse lifestyles and have worked for the Gender Trust.

Client testimonials
‘Meeting Laura, I gained a much better understanding of who I am as one person, not a male or a female but just me. Laura’s approach and willingness to facilitate open and honest dialogue helped me to unlock any fears and start to move forwards. I am proud of who I am and now meld my femininity into everyday life to the benefit of my friends, family and colleagues’. 
‘Laura; you have enabled me to move forward in a way that I would never have thought possible after almost 50 years of trying to cope with my transsexualism. The truth is you have helped me more within the space of a few sessions than anyone else ever has. I simply can’t thank you enough’.


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