Hellena Bitsios

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

Core Process is a mindfulness psychotherapy, the coming together of Western psychotherapy and Buddhist psychology and practice.

The work entails bringing awareness to thoughts, feelings and sensations, as they emerge in our moment by moment experience with ourselves and the world. This can support us in learning how to be in the moment, which means living fully and being who we are, as we are. It also means experiencing more depth, richness and freedom in our relationship with ourselves and others.

However, traumatic experiences that we have not been able to resolve often stand in the way of our capacity to be fully here, fully connected and fully alive. Unresolved trauma can give rise to feelings states such as: low self esteem, worthlessness, shame, isolation, depression, guilt, envy, fear, panic, depression, loss of meaning, disconnection and numbness. These feeling states can become overwhelming and overshadow the way in which we experience ourselves and others and ultimately affect our capacity to connect with life.

I offer a safe, non judgemental and confidential space were you can work through whatever it might be that stands in the way of you being free to be who you truly are.

Qualifications and experience

I completed a four and half years training with Karuna Institute and I hold a Masters in Core Process Psychotherapy, validated by Middlesex University. I am in the process of accreditation and I am a member of BACP and in regular supervision with an accredited supervisor. I have been running a private practice since 2011 and I have 30 years’ experience of working in the mental health arena and the drug and alcohol field.

Most of my work has involved working with trauma in areas such as sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, abortion, suicide, death, self harm, substance dependencies, relationship breakups, eating disorders and PTSD.


Free initial consultation: 50 minutes. I charge £45 per hour session, with a limited number of concessionary spaces.

Treatments Offered


Contact Information

If you would like to arrange to meet for an initial session please call me on 07546 767 323. Alternatively you can reach me by email on [email protected]