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Andrew Smith
Belinda Jeffery
Cassandra West (Holistic, Deep Tissue, Altai Massage)
David Higham (Tui Na Massage)
Sandra Arbelaez
Sarah Hoare

Massage can be an essential part of restoring and maintaining your health and mobility.  Massage relaxes tense, painful muscles and stimulates the circulation of blood, dispersing toxins and bringing your body back into balance. It can be used to treat both stress-related tension and problems resulting from injuries.
A massage can also be an opportunity to take time out from everyday life, relax and focus on your own well-being. It helps you to feel clearer in your mind, more aware of your body and positive about yourself, bringing better sleep and higher energy levels.

Each massage will address your particular needs and we ensure you get the maximum benefits whether you come to us for relaxation or with a specific physical condition.  Treatments last from half an hour to an hour and a half. 

Therapeutic Massage
Soothing massage, promoting deep relaxation to release tension and restore harmony. 

Remedial, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage
Treating stubborn aches and pains, soft tissue injuries and back problems, we focus on your specific problem area using deep tissue massage techniques, mobilization and stretches.

As well as using massage in response to specific physical problems, or as a treat, going for a massage regularly will benefit your overall health by:

  • releasing muscular tension and improving posture

  • relieving joint pain, inflammation and stiffness

  • improving circulation and relieving congestion

  • boosting the immune system

  • relieving pain by stimulating the brain to release natural painkillers

  • releasing deep-seated emotions that can often manifest as physical disease

  • increasing the elimination of waste products that may accumulate in the tissues,

  • hence improving the appearance of the skin

  • procuring a feeling of being deeply nurtured and cared for which we all get too little of in our adult lives.

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