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Sarah Hoare

Clinical Hypnotherapy is very effective at bringing about change in your life.

The great advantage of Hypnotherapy is that it makes use of the trance state, a state that we are all very familiar with. We go in to and out of trance many times a day, when we're driving our car, watching TV, or doing anything else which requires our concentration. In a clinical setting, a trance state is induced by a Hypnotherapist using guided imagery, stories, metaphors and suggestions helping to change unwanted patterns of behaviour and putting you back in control of your life. Hypnosis is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues including stress, depression, anxiety and panic attackes, anger problems, sleeping problems, fears and phobias, weight loss, stopping smoking, relationship problems, grief, irritable bowel syndrome, pain management, unwanted habits, eating disorders, self esteem and lack of confidence, addictions, negative thinking and many more.

Hypnotherapy is a very positive therapy and focuses on ways forward, rather than looking back. Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy and helps get you back on track quickly and effectively.

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