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alistair edmunds

Somatic Movement Bodywork


Alistair has been training in Somatic Movement Education with the School for Body-Mind Centering (BMC) for the past 3 years, completing a variety of courses in the UK, France and Italy. He teaches regular Contact Improvisation (CI) classes in Bristol and has been dancing CI for over 10 years. He has taught an in-depth somatics course for movement practitioners and brought Somatic movement into CI teaching over the last four years. He also has an enduring interest in different movement practices including; Skinner release, Hanna somatics, Feldenkris, Qui Gong, martial arts, dance and climbing. He is a Somatic movement educator, School for Body-mind Centering and Contact improvisation teacher, South West England.

Alistair Edmunds
0780 576 2998


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